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Teachings of Surak: the principle philosophy of the Vulcans (Vulcan to English)

  • Nar-tor pulaya s'au k'ka'es - k'el'rular tun-bosh:

    Accept their reaching in the same way - with careful hands

  • Dom nam-tor vohris nem-tor ha'kiv:

    Then be slow to take life.

  • Dakh pthak. Nam-tor ri ret na'fan-kitok fa tu dakh pthak:

    Cast out fear. There is no room for anything else until you cast out fear

  • Ri klau au ik klau tu:

    Do no harm to those that harm you

  • Vah mau vah tor-yehat ri stau:

    As far as possible, do not kill

  • Variben veh sochya kuv nam-tor vah goh yut ha-tor:

    He talks peace if it is the only way to live

  • Shiyau thol'es k'thorai ri k'ahm:

    Nobility lies in action not in name

  • Nufau au sochya - yi dungi ma tu sochya:

    Offer them peace - then you will have peace

  • Pulau na'vathular k'nuhk:

    Reach out to others courteously.

  • Spunau bolayalar t'Wehku bolayalar t'Zamu il t'Veh:

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

  • I'wak mesukh-yut t'on:

    The present is the crossroads of both (future and past)

  • Tilek svi'khaf-spol t'vathu - tilek svi'sha'veh:

    The spear in the other's heart is the spear in your own

  • Nam-tor ri thrap wilat nem-tor rim:

    There is no offense where none is taken

  • Ri vath kau eh ri vath rok nam-tor na'etek hi etek kau-tor:

    There is no other wisdom and no other hope for us but that we grow wise

  • Nam-tor wak vah yut s'vesht na'fa'wak heh pla'rak:

    Time is a path from the past to the future and back again

  • Ma etek natyan teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on:

    We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us

  • Eik-veshtaya to'ovau kau - lu veshtaya ri glazhau goh na'kastorilaya t'kashan:

    Wide experience increases wisdom, provided the experience is not sought purely for the stimulation of sensation.

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