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Scandinavian folklore (special focus on Norway)

Nøkken, Valemon, and Draugen by Theodor Kittelsen
Dragon, Huldra, Trolls, Elves, (first picture), by John Bauer
Fossegrimen by
Kraken by Bob Eggleton

Our next wizard rock song will feature lots of Celtic mythos!

Poetry relics…

The white then black and stripes of brown. The colors just keep coming and I must let them pass on their silently spinning orbit. Themes from a certain light, dangle in my mind, revealing a relative passion. Sometimes they speak of men and beliefs we would not want to know of. Their voices turned blue and orange, as the great spheres collided in a thunderous out roar. In a voluptuous drop with a splash that floods me with a strawberry taste, why am I the one that must paint the rhyme? Alas…

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